When you commission Fort Dodge Web Design to create a new website for you, there are usually a few things that we need.

The logo of your company

We use a web version of your company logo for the website, so we need a high quality logo file. But, don’t worry if you don’t have a company logo yet. We can create one for you or we can use a temporary one until you send us your logo.

The look and feel of your website

Our goal is to create pixel-perfect designs that have the look and feel of your company. We need to know what colors you would like for the web site and what message you would like to resonate with your audience.

Find a few websites that have a design you like, and let us know what specifically you like about them.

The pages for your website

We need to know how many pages you want on your website and what kind of pages. For example, a Contact page, an About page, an online store, a gallery, and a blog. Are there any particular features that you need for the website?

It’s also very helpful to get the contents of the pages ready ahead of time.

Photos of your company

Having photos of your company puts a very personal and professional touch to your website. Please send us any high quality photos that you would like to use on the website.

For an additional cost, we can also schedule a professional photographer to take company photos for your website.

Detailed instructions

If you want things done in a very specific way, we need detailed instructions.

Otherwise, you give us the liberty to create it in such a way that reflects your company. We are always receptive to feedback and can modify it as you would like.

A project lead at your company

We have found that it is most helpful to have one person at your company that is assigned to communicate with us and with your team. We’re happy to work with any of your team members, but having one person dedicated to being responsible to keep things moving forward is very helpful.

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